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Pregnant Woman

   Compassionate Counseling
for the
  Fertility Journey and Beyond

Are you experiencing the pain and frustration of unexplained
fertility problems, repeated treatment cycles, miscarriage or
pregnancy and new parenting challenges? 

When this phase of life goes wrong, even the most balanced of individuals can feel
overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and disconnected from those around them.
You may feel you've lost
your sense of well-being, feelings of control
over your life and even aspects of your identity.



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It's important to know you are not alone. Whatever stage of family building you are in, I'm here to provide specialized, tailored mental health
support for your unique fertility journey and beyond.

Dr. Karen Hall Infertility Counseling

I'm Dr. Karen Hall, Clinical Psychologist and founder of The Center for Infertility Counseling and Support.  I've been working with individuals experiencing fertility and family building struggles for over 15 years.
     I have a deep personal and professional understanding of the emotional impact of these challenges.  I've helped support and guide many through this phase of life to find and renew
their sense of balance, wellness and meaning.

Get the Support You Need 

 If you are interested in individual or couples support please reach out to book an appointment or schedule a  complimentary 15 minute phone call today.

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“Our last IVF cycle was successful thanks in part to your support and expertise.  You provided me with

so many tools and strategies that I was lacking.  And I firmly believe that these were the

exact tools we needed to complete our journey.  I am so very grateful to you!”

Fertility Client 2019

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