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Individual Fertility Counseling

Anyone who has experienced infertility knows the overwhelming

sadness, anxiety, isolation and uncertainty that it brings.  Stress is everywhere.  It becomes hard to be around friends and family, 

you no longer feel in control of planning your life, all the while

juggling medical appointments with job responsibilities...the

procedures are invasive, demanding and this can go on for

several years leaving you increasingly anxious and depressed.

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Support and emotional care during this time
is more important than ever.  For many seeking the support of a specially trained fertility counselor can help.

Ways Counseling Can Help

  • Supportive place to address emotional challenges.

  • Guide you through important family building decisions.

  • Develop a plan of wellness to sustain you through your  journey. 

  • Maintain a positive self-image in the face of difficult treatments.  

  • Learn ways to release anxiety and cope effectively.

  • Find ways to discuss treatment with friends and family.

  • Learn to advocate for yourself.

  • Discover ways to enjoy your life in spite of feeling stuck.

Ready to Get Started?

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“Hi Dr. Hall! I meant to message you sooner after the birth of our baby boy, but was just thinking about you and some of the key points we talked about in therapy. I’ve taken much of that into my first months of parenthood and returned to it time and time again… just wanted you to know our time together has been invaluable to ushering me into parenthood after infertility.”  Fertility Client 2023

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