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Couples Counseling for 
Infertility, Pregnancy & New Parenting

Many couples dream of having a family and expect it will
happen when they are ready.  When things don’t go as planned,
as it does 
for one in eight couples, it can put a tremendous strain
on the 
relationship.  Disagreements may surface about difficult
that need to be made along the way; partners may
cope differently 
and express or hide their feelings of grief, anger
and hopelessness.  This can leave both of you feeling alone,
misunderstood and unsupported.

Engaged Couple Holding Hands

I specialize in working with couples who are experiencing relationship issues
while struggling to build and grow their families.  As a therapist trained in family
building, reproductive psychology and relationships, I am uniquely positioned to
help couples work through issues such as infertility, loss, disagreements about how
to move forward with family-building, challenges as new parents and much more.  My
goal is to help you improve the quality of your relationship, feel more connected
and learn ways to better handle the challenges of difficult family building.

Ways Couples Therapy Can Help

  • Learn to communicate more effectively.
  • Work through difficult emotions together.

  • Find hope together.

  • Navigate family building decisions together.

  • Find ways to enjoy each other and leave the stress


Watercolor Wash Transparent

“We want to thank you so much for your advice and your kind words during the whole process.  We will definitely keep you in our thoughts because you truly got us through this crisis.  We’ll be sure to send you an update when we find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  Thank you again for helping us become a family!”

Infertility Client 2018

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