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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a session?


Standard sessions are 50 minutes long.  Longer 75 minute sessions for couples

can be arranged.


What is the cost for your services?  What payment methods to you accept?


The fee for a standard 50 minute session is $225.  Longer sessions are charged

on a prorated basis. 


I accept the following payment methods: cash, personal check, credit cards,

Flex Spending Account or a Health Savings Account to cover your therapy fees. 

Payment is due at the time of your session.  Prior to your first appointment,

a credit card will be required to reserve your session.


Do you accept insurance?


I do not accept insurance and would be considered an Out-Of-Network Provider

with all insurance except Tricare.  I am able to bill Tricare directly and offer a limited

number of spaces for military members.  If you have a PPO insurance plan, you can

likely see me as an out-of-network provider.  I am happy to provide you with a

receipt containing all information required by insurance so that you can submit for

reimbursement for your services.  If this is of interest to you, please contact your

insurance provider to determine the specifics of your coverage.


How often do we meet?


I typically work with clients weekly or bi-weekly over the course of a few to several

months.  I’ve worked with some clients for as short as one session and some for

as long several years.  We will work together to determine a meeting arrangement

depending on your schedule, budget, unique mental health needs and my availability. 


What will we discuss in therapy?


In general, therapy is a place for you to discuss anything you want/need to as it

pertains to your mental health goals.  I see clients experiencing a variety of life challenges including:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety and Mood Issues

  • Relationship and Parenting Struggles

  • Loss and Trauma

  • Work-Life Balance

  • All Dimensions of Family Building Challenges

  • Third Party Family Building

And More...

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